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ALERT: Sen. Gillibrand Amendment

by Mike Connealy on 05.21.2013

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand’s (D. New York) amendment to restore modest SNAP cuts by redistributing funding from crop insurance will more than likely be voted on today in the Senate.  Please call the Senator from your state first, and then follow up with a text or e-mail.  We encourage you to urge your Senator to vote ‘NO’ on the Gillibrand Amendment #931.  

For contact information for your Senators please follow this link: US Senate Contact Information.  For suggested talking points, see Oppose Cuts to Private Sector Delivery.  

We urge your opposition to amendments that negatively impact crop insurance participation and the private sector delivery system, like the Gillibrand amendment.  Thanks for staying up to date by following the blog and we appreciate your prompt action in contacting your Senators today.


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