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Wednesday (May 22) morning “to do” list

by Mike Connealy on 05.22.2013

We can be pleased with the Tuesday Senate vote on the Gillibrand amendment, but today starts another day and apparently another round of amendments – several of which would be harmful to crop insurance. We need to generate more calls in opposition to several amendments and we will start with three amendments from Senator Flake (R. Arizona).

Senator Flake is a new member of the Senate but developed a reputation as an opponent of the Farm Bill and in particular crop insurance during his time in the House of Representatives.

It is uncertain when these will be brought up for a vote, so in case it happens earlier, the time is now to urge your members to vote against these three amendments.

A separate action alert will be generated on other potentially harmful amendments.


Oppose Cuts to Premium Support (Floor).pdf

Oppose Changes to Harvest Price Protection.pdf


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