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Farm Bill update for Tuesday (June 4)

by Mike Connealy on 06.04.2013

It appears that the 2013 Farm Bill debate will be the main business of the day in the US Senate. Around 10:00 AM today (CDT) and after “morning business” we can expect that S. 954 will be open for debate and amendments. The fact is that over 200 amendments have been submitted for consideration. Many of these 200 are not germane to the Farm Bill, these will likely be dropped, plus they simply cannot debate and vote on such a huge number of amendments.

It would be my educated guess that the “manager” (Debbie Stabenow – Democrat of Michigan) working in conjunction with the ranking Republican (Thad Cochran of Mississippi) will bring forward as many as 40-60 additional amendments this week for debate and votes. Last year, the Senate worked through 70 or so total amendments – many of those left to be considered will be similar if not identical to last years efforts. Some will need to be vigorously opposed as we noted some 10 days ago.

We will attempt to stay tuned and alert people if any proposed amendments harmful to crop insurance are brought forward. If you are unable to follow the action on CSPAN 2, we suggest you watch for tweets or e-mail action alerts.

Senator Stabenow indicated last night that the plan was to finish the Farm Bill this week so the pressure will be on to keep this legislation moving forward. As always, questions or comments are welcome!



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