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House Farm Bill Amendments: June 19

by Mike Connealy on 06.19.2013

The House of Representatives will take up debate on various amendments over the next couple of days. This could go deep into the night today – Wednesday, June 19th. The complete list of amendments can be found here.

We urge everyone to contact their House member and urge the member to oppose amendments that harm crop insurance. We urge them to support the positions of House Ag Committee Chairman Lucas (R. Oklahoma) and Ranking Member Peterson (D. Minnesota) on key issues that involve crop insurance. 

Harmful crop insurance amendments ruled in order include but are not limited to:

  • Kind-Petri: the full AFFIRM act / crop insurance poison pill
  • McGovern, et al: cuts crop insurance to fund SNAP
  • Carney-Radel: strikes SRA protection

To find the contact information for your local House of Representative member, click here.  As always, your comments are welcomed. 



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