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52 Groups Oppose Kind Amendment

by Mike Connealy on 06.20.2013

Tuesday, June 19, 2013, was a good day on the US House of Representatives floor for crop insurance. There were many informed members talking about how well the program worked in 2011 and 2012 and how important it is to the farming communities across the USA. 

Today, the House schedule will include a recorded vote on the Kind (D. Wisconsin) amendment to maim crop insurance. We include again a copy of a letter signed by 52 interested groups opposed to the “Kind poison pill” here.  This vote will occur almost immediately this morning so contacting your local House of Representative has urgency.

Also scheduled for a recorded vote today is the Radel/Carney amendment to eliminate safeguards in the Standard Reinsurance Agreement (SRA). Trey Radel (R. Florida), represents my adopted winter residence in Naples, Florida. He has surfaced as a bit of a “flake” during the Farm Bill. His area includes numerous family owned agriculture enterprises that rely upon crop insurance to protect tomato, citrus and nursery crops from a variety of perils including freeze and hurricane. Despite this, Radel supports the Kind poison pill and opposes private sector delivery. Carney (D. Delaware) also represents a district with numerous family farms that rely upon a strong crop insurance program, his position opposing private sector delivery is also difficult to comprehend. 

Please help Chairman Lucas (R. Oklahoma) and Ranking Member Peterson (D. Minnesota) finish this process and get this across the finish line, hopefully today. Please contact your members – hopefully for the last time this go around – and urge them to oppose amendments harmful to crop insurance and to support the efforts of the Farm Bill leadership to pass the best possible 2013 Farm Bill – vote for passage of H.R. 1947 as amended. 

In the unlikely event that the Kind poison pill does pass, all bets are off as we would quickly change our position and oppose final passage. No House Farm Bill would be a better position that a deeply flawed version.

Stay tuned to CSPAN or HouseLive this morning and as always, questions or comments are welcome. 


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