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It Doesn’t Just Happen

by Kendall Jones on 03.02.2018

Plan, Prepare, Perform…

On December 29, 2017, all employees at ProAg received an email message from Tokio Marine HCC (TMHCC) CEO, Chris Williams. The email announced that a bonus would be paid as a result of the recent corporate tax rate reduction. His email recognized the efforts of all employees and signaled that TMHCC was making an investment in our best resource, our people.

Approximately one month later, Chris awarded the John Molbeck Award of Excellence to ProAg. This is a corporate award for performance, and it was made in recognition of all the efforts by ProAg employees in 2017. It is an acknowledgment of the strong service we provide to agents and insureds. It’s also a recognition of the work we did to support each other.

Olympic athletes, regardless of their sport, must train using repeat drills, understand their environment, and adapt to conditions that can change and are out of their control. Athletes must also take in the right nutrition and get proper rest and recovery. These skills are useful at ProAg as well.

The Women’s US Hockey team won the Gold Medal over Canada while most of the U.S. was asleep. The Gold Medal is theirs forever. One of the players said a key to winning was that they had to crush fear and doubt. This comment surprised me. Despite their physical training, their focus was on believing in themselves and each other. They had to take a risk in being wrong and trust they had done everything they could to set themselves up for the win. While our stage is not as visible as the Olympics, we do believe it’s important for each of our employees, our agents and our insureds to be confident that we are ready for whatever we might face in the coming year.

We expect there will be challenges as we prepare for what Mother Nature, the Farm Bill and outside forces bring to the business of farming. We must do everything possible to set up for the win. We believe the financial security and governance support from TMHCC is one of our key strengths and allows us to prepare for the future as well as work through any current issues of the day.

Our spring agent trainings have recently finished, and we are gearing up for the annual loss adjuster schools in March. We have implemented changes in our trainings to match the current environment, products, our people and their needs. We will continue to build on our past to act in the present and be ready for the future.

Thank you to our agents who trust us with the responsibility of protecting and servicing their farmers. Thank you to our staff who are committed to earning that trust, especially on this Employee Appreciation Day. Thank you to TMHCC for investing in our employees and recognizing their efforts with the John Molbeck Award of Excellence. Like farmers, our results can sometimes be based on things we don’t control. For the things we do control, we are thoughtfully deploying to be ready for what is to come. And like the U.S. Women’s Olympic Gold Medal team, we can do this without fear or doubt, and we too, get to keep the award forever.


  • Richard Little says:

    Thank you for your leadership and support. Having worked as an adjuster with two other AIPs in the past, I have never felt the levels of support that ProAg continues to provide. I truly feel that my work and efforts are appreciated by the inspiring people that I have the fortune to work with. Again, thank you.

  • BB says:

    Very well written KJ. Sending wishes to all of the ProAg family for a blessed year. Be safe team.

  • Lisa Mosby says:

    Thank you, Kendall. Your message is inspiring and right on!

  • Greg Mosby says:

    Thank you for leadership, as well, Kendall. Working for ProAg has been a very positive experience.

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