Higher Input Protection (HIP)

Higher Input Protection* (HIP) insurance provides protection against a widespread loss of net income as a result of higher expenses occurring in a year when county gross revenue exceeds expectations. It helps protect a farmer’s net returns resulting from higher market prices or higher input costs. HIP is available on corn (grain or silage) and soybeans planted for harvest. As with most area insurance products, individual farm revenues are not considered under the HIP policy.

HIP is a great fit for producers who:

  • Forward contract or market grain pre-harvest
  • Have large feed commitments for their crop
  • Utilize flex lease agreements
  • Understand county/area crop insurance products
  • Have concerns about higher inputs
  • Want to protect (defend) ARC payments

Functionally, HIP is very simple:

  • Available in counties that have an approved ARPI policy with an approved yield
  • Producers can choose a HIP trigger of 115% or 120% of the Expected County Revenue
  • Producers choose a 10%, 15%, or 20% Cap of the HIP Trigger for maximum indemnity

Key Points to Remember:

  • Policy allows the producer to choose how many acres are insured in the county
  • Sales closing dates for corn and soybeans is April 15th for this policy
  • The HIP acreage reporting deadline is July 15th
  • Coverage is not provided for prevented planting or replant under this policy.

Protect your farming legacy by contacting your local ProAg agent today for more information about Higher Input Protection (HIP). Let us protect you.

ProAg Crop Insurance: Higher Input Protection (HIP) Policy Brochure

Please click on the link provided or the photo above to review the Higher Input Protection (HIP) brochure. This link will provide a PDF download of the brochure.


* The insurance products offered may not be a complete list of all products offered and may not be offered in all states. This material is for informational purposes and should not be considered as a replacement to any published policy, provision, or handbook language. This Higher Input Protection (HIP) Policy is a private insurance policy by ProAg® and is not reinsured by the Federal Crop Insurance Corporation (FCIC).

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