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The beef market is poised for profitability at the moment. However, input costs remain sky-high.

Oklahoma State University’s Paul Beck shares 10 tips you can use to enhance the profitability of your cowherd.

  1. Know your cost of production. Data shows high earners have a 43% lower cost of production than low earners.
  2. Have a defined calving season that matches your environment.
  3. Select replacement heifers for fertility and longevity.
  4. Pregnancy test and cull to decrease winter feeding costs.
  5. Improve forage management to reduce reliance on feed and hay.
  6. Test your hay and choose economic supplement choices.
  7. Crossbreed with a superior sire. 
  8. Have a herd health program and a close veterinary relationship.
  9. Precondition and retain ownership past weaning to add value.
  10. Keep expenses low and always reduce debt.

Read more on these tips for maximum cowherd profitability here.


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