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    DTN 2019 Digital Yield Tour-National
    Gro Intelligence forecasts a national average corn yield of 163.2 bushels per acre (bpa), 6.3 bpa lower than USDA’s August forecast. On […]
    August 19, 2019
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    Report-Trump Ordered RFS Waivers
    Has President Donald Trump turned a 180 on his publicly stated support for ethanol and the Renewable Fuel Standard? It’s a question […]
    August 19, 2019
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    The Storm Took the Cushion, and They’re Still Recovering
    Michael Davis says he sold about 12 bales of cotton last year. Based in Jackson County, Fla., Davis is the current president […]
    August 19, 2019
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    Feedback From The Field-Aug. 19, 2019
    How are your crops faring this year? What are your early hopes for yields? We’re asking growers about what’s really happening in […]
    August 19, 2019
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    Potential Economic Impact of Tunnel Collapse is $89 Million
    The economic impact of the July 17 tunnel collapse on the Gering-Fort Laramie Canal could climb as high as $89 million if […]
    August 19, 2019
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    Perspectives on 2019 Corn and Soybean Acres-Impact of Prevent Plant
    The Farm Service Agency (FSA) of the U.S. Department of Agriculture released county acreages for crops and prevent plantings based on acreage […]
    August 16, 2019
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    $1 Billion of Prevented Planting Payments Have Been Made So Far to Farmers
    Farmers have been paid well over $1 billion in prevented planting indemnities so far and that number “is going up rather exponentially” […]
    August 16, 2019
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    Eastern Corn Belt Yield Forecasts Break Sharply From USDA
    Corn yields in Illinois, Indiana and Ohio could be 12% to 15% below USDA’s forecasts from earlier this week, according to Gro […]
    August 16, 2019
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    USDA Using Flexibility to Assist Farmers, Ranchers in Flooded Areas
    The USDA RMA announced it will defer accrual of interest for all agricultural producers’ spring 2019 crop year insurance premiums to help the wide swath of farmers and ranchers affected by extreme weather in 2019.
    August 15, 2019
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    New Energy — New Logo — Same Mission
    From the day our founder set out on horseback to sell crop insurance to his neighboring Texas wheat farmers, ProAg has focused […]
    August 15, 2019