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Meat consumption in China has been climbing substantially over the last 50 years and the trend is slated to continue, according to USDA data. It’s possible China could claim one of the highest per-capita consumption rates in all of Asia, marking a significant opportunity for U.S. agriculture. Currently, China retains a similar meat consumption rate with Japan at around 53.9 kilograms, but this could rise as much as 40% by 2031.

The country struggles to maintain its meat production, particularly in recovery from both the pandemic and the African swine fever outbreak in 2021. China has a slightly lower population and household income is growing, but at a slower rate. Even so, meat consumption has increased despite inflation. Imports accounted for 9% of the Chinese meat supply two years ago, compared to just 1% in 2000.

Read more on the Southeast Asian country’s meat demand potential here.


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