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A new consumer survey reveals preferences are trending toward simplicity above all. The first-ever “Consumer Curiosity Report” surveyed 700 food-forward consumers to discover leanings on culinary, nutrition and sustainability topics. The results shed light on food industry trends that can help agriculturalists navigate the food landscape.

Some highlights of the study include:

  • More than 85% of respondents are “very” to “extremely” curious about quickly prepared meals that save time and resources.
  • 78% report feeling “very” or “extremely” curious about global flavors and cuisines. Gen Z foodies are curious about new cooking skills and techniques, while baby boomers say global flavors are a top curiosity. Gen X and millennials say quick and easy meals remain the priority.
  • Consumers are curious about foods that can support cognitive and gut health.

These curiosities will shape purchasing decisions and agricultural trends in the years to come.

Read more on the survey here.


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