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Heat stress in dairy cattle results in reduced milk yield, poor reproduction and ample health concerns. While recent temperatures and headlines have shined a light on heat stress, it’s important producers know that heat stress can happen many times in the year, not just during heat waves. Cooling strategies are therefore critical for the health of the herd. Shade, fans and sprinklers are all cooling methods many bars employ.

The University of Queensland in Australia used these methods to research the efficacy of these cooling methods. Researchers cooled the cattle in two separate groups using a herd of 120 head in a covered drylot. One group was cooled with shade, sprinklers and fans during daytime hours and the other was cooled the same but also cooled throughout the night. Results showed that nighttime cooling was critical in dissipating heat so cows could return to their normal body temperature. Additionally, nighttime-cooled cows returned to higher milk production quicker than the other group.

Read more on the study and nighttime cooling here.


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