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While no one expects artificial intelligence to replace farmers or ranchers, some think ChatGPT and other AI tools could help increase efficiency for ag operations. Potential uses being discussed specifically in the dairy industry include:

  • Quickly summarize herd health using data collected by sensors in milking equipment. While ChatGPT and its peer technologies can’t analyze data themselves, they may be able to work with data analytics tools to make recaps of data for farmers.
  • Research feed and nutrition to make optimizations. Because AI tools have been fed an unfathomable amount of information, they may be able to take information about herds and match it with nutritional information.
  • Simplify administrative tasks. Whether it’s giving producers an email template for customer communication or streamlining grant research and applications, AI may be able to help make administrative tasks easier.

Even so, farmers must be wary of AI’s limitations. Many believe it should be treated as a helpful tool, rather than an all-knowing source.

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