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The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is expanding the insurance coverage options for specialty crops and other actual production history (APH) crop programs. Per a News Release that was published on July 6, 2023, RMA is expanding the availability of enterprise units to crops where they were previously unavailable giving ag producers greater options to manage their risk.

The expansion of enterprise units gives more producers the same options for discounted insurance coverage as row crops. The following crops will have enterprise units available beginning with the 2024 crop year:

  • Alfalfa seed
  • Cultivated wild rice
  • Forage production
  • Mint*
  • Onions*
  • Potatoes* (Enterprise units will be available in California for the 2025 crop year)

*signifies specialty crop

For additional information, please access the New Release by clicking on the following hyperlink: https://rma.usda.gov/en/News-Room/Press/Press-Releases/2023-News/USDA-Expands-Risk-Management-Options-with-Greater-Enterprise-Unit-Possibilities


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