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Only 11 working days remain to get a farm bill written and passed before the 2018 bill’s expiration date. But Congress remains in a disagreement on when the bill might reasonably cross the finish line. One ag economist fears it could be as long as another two years. The farm bill has taken a backseat to larger federal issues such as the battle to keep the federal government running.

Joe Outlaw, a Texas A&M extension economist who has worked on eight farm bills, says if the new bill isn’t passed by February, it could be two years before a new one comes to light. He says if FAPRI’s baseline projections are accurate, a financial crisis could occur in that timeline, with commodity prices falling below the cost of production. However, Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley remains optimistic a farm bill could come to fruition before the new year.

Read more on timing for the 2023 Farm Bill here.


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