Farmers Harvest Gigabytes with Broadband and Wireless Technology

In the era of “big data,” farming is undergoing yet another technological revolution. This leap into the new age of farming includes, but extends far beyond, the latest GPS-guided farm machinery.

Along with the crops they grow, farmers are also harvesting data – mind-boggling amounts of it as U.S. agriculture pushes faster into the information age. Precision agriculture technology today allows farmers to collect data on crop yields, fertility application rates, plant populations, soil moisture levels, plant health, crop maturity, weather conditions, insect damage and weed competition on every acre of every field. This wealth of data is collected real-time and transmitted via cellular and broadband networks to “the cloud,” and then to home computers or farmers’ hand-held mobile devices in the field to help farmers make better management decisions.

It’s been a quiet revolution, but one that has huge implications for farm productivity and profitability.

Read the entire article here.

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