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Agricultural fertilizers and their application, as we know them today, haven’t been around very long. The 4R framework, which encourages producers to use the Right nutrient at the Right rate at the Right time and in the Right place, is credited as a close tie to the agricultural sustainability movement. With this methodology in place for 35 years, how has the rest of the fertilizer market adapted?

Enhanced efficiency fertilizers (EEF), nutrient packaging, sulfur uptake and biologicals have all drastically changed how farmers view, obtain and apply nutrients. EEFs provide farmers with controlled-release products, ammonia volatilization inhibitors and nitrification inhibitors. In 2019, EEF sales in North America were worth $590 million. Biologicals continue to enter the market and change how much nitrogen needs to be applied. While huge advancements have been made in 35 years, industry experts feel it is only the beginning of a new, more regenerative approach to agriculture.

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