Is Buying a Drone Worth It?

Before spending potentially thousands of dollars on a new drone, most farmers want to know if they’re purchasing a valuable piece of new on-farm technology or just an expensive toy.

Measure, a drone service provider, has developed Drone Flight Calculator, a free online tool that will help farmers determine the cost and cost savings of drone flights per acre. Farmers input data, including fertilizer use, farm size, crop type and irrigation amount, to see if drones can improve operations or cut costs.

“The Drone Flight Calculator allows farmers to easily determine if drone technology can improve their operations,” says Measure CEO Brandon Torres Declet. “While drones have been marketed to farmers, until today, no tool existed to help growers quickly and easily calculate the benefits of drones.”

Once users enter in farm-specific data, the Drone Flight Calculator determines economic returns on either a per-acre or per-season basis. The tool is free to use, and Measure does not collect the information that is entered.

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