New RaboResearch Forecasts Positive Outlook for Beef Industry

A new report out from the RaboResearch Food and Agribusiness group, provides an outlook through 2025 that creates a baseline as a point of comparison which can be utilized for strategic planning and scenario analysis over the next ten years.

Accordingly, this report, sees a rebuilding effort in the beef and cattle industries as well as increases in U.S. exports.

The report looks to offer ideas for new opportunities that can be explored and risks that must be monitored over the next five years.

Senior Data Analyst Sterling Liddell, expects the US cattle herd will continue to grow over the next decade and eventually be able to meet or exceed domestic demand for beef.

He also believes the quality of US beef will continue to improve during this time.

In addition, global population growth and the steady improvement of middle-class incomes will drive export opportunities internationally.

For more insights into this new report published by RaboResearch click here.

Source: AgriMarketing

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