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Calf scours are a top concern for dairy producers, as they often signal a sharp and sudden decline in health, with little to no indication of the root of the issue. University of Minnesota Extension Veterinarian Joe Armstrong has developed a “Calf Scours Treatment Decision Tree” designed to assist farmers in evaluating each scour.

Both beef and dairy producers can use the tool, focused on the three leading causes of calf scours at 3 to 4 weeks old: cryptosporidium, rotavirus, and coronavirus. E. coli and salmonella can be causes as well, but it’s more likely to be the first three. Armstrong says the three treatments for these include supportive care, pain medication and never reducing feeding. In a flowchart format, the tool guides producers through decision-making with the best interest of the calf at heart.

Read more on the new scours-assistance tool for calves here.


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