Pork Board Announces Secure Pork Supply Plan

The National Pork Board, with support from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, has announced a new program at the World Pork Expo. The Secure Pork Supply Plan is a voluntary program designed to support American farmers during a foreign animal disease outbreak.

“The plan basically impacts producers in providing a mechanism for them to be able to differentiate themselves in an outbreak- prior to the outbreak occurring,” says veterinarian and director of swine health program for Pork Checkoff, Patrick Webb. “Our state animal health officials have to have certain pieces of information to allow movements to occur when producers are located in a disease control area. This program allows them the ability to provide that information very quickly during an outbreak, as opposed to having to develop all of that after an outbreak.”

The plan is supported by health officials, not only because it will support them during an outbreak, but also because it can help with understanding where disease is and isn’t. Thankfully the U.S. hasn’t experienced disease like foot-and-mouth in decades, but the plan will put production back to normal exponentially faster than without it. The plan includes information like safe movement of animals from farms in controlled areas, achieving biosecurity, using identification tags, and detailed production records, health papers, and certificates.

Click here to hear the Pork Board’s announcement and listen to Jamie’s interview with Patrick Webb.

Source: AgWired

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