ProAg® Friday Fun Ag Fact: World Series of Ag

ProAg® Friday Fun Ag Fact: World Series of Ag
With the World Series going on, we figured it was a great time to feature how the world of ag helps support the World Series.  From bats to baseballs, there are ag products galore on the field.  From our featured items in the infographic to the cotton or wool caps of the players, agriculture is a secret partner to making sure the World Series goes off without a hitch.  

Another agricultural item found on the baseball field includes the turf grass which is usually a mix of perennial rye grass, Kentucky bleugrass, fescue and other grasses.  Ag products are featured right down to the tickets and game brochures that might possibly have used soy ink from soybeans to print them.  And let’s not even get started with the pretzels, soda, peanuts or other ballpark foods that wouldn’t be there without our American agricultural producers.  

So when you are watching the World Series this week, don’t forget about our farmers and ranchers!  Thanks for supporting the World Series of Ag!  If you have other ideas of ag products that are used during the World Series, give this a share via social media and leave a comment about your agricultural product on the field.

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