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The western and southwestern U.S., as well as parts of the Plains and western Corn Belt — just over 40% of the lower 48 states — enter 2021 under drought conditions. Meteorologists are watching La Niña and its influence on the movement of the jet stream for clues about whether precipitation will pick up and relieve the drought in the most affected areas between now and spring. Winter wheat conditions — which have been deteriorating from Texas to the Dakotas — will be a big indicator of the depth of drought stress through the winter. With increasing comparisons to the drought year of 2012, one meteorologist says a dry spring could be favorable to a quick, painless planting season, but could also put early limits on crop yield potential without considerable improvements to soil moisture. The whole country isn’t parched, however; the southeastern U.S. and mid-Atlantic region start 2021 with adequate soil moisture. See more data and comments on the weather.


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