Home > News > Study Reveals Relationship Between Residual Feed Intake and Meat Tenderness in Brahman Cattle

Brahman cattle are a popular breed for cattle producers in the southern U.S. A recent cattle feeding study in the Applied Animal Science journal sheds light on the critical nature of residual feed intake on growth and tenderness in Brahman cattle. The study researched steers in the Gulf Coast states and found a linear relationship between meat tenderness and the steer’s residual average daily gain.

The most efficient Brahman steers grow rapidly with excellent maturation for harvest and generally produce a tender carcass. Feed efficiency data can point to the potential of Brahman bulls as sires or steers. Results from the study share efficient ways to conduct and feed Brahman cattle from birth to finishing and can be found here.

Read more on feed intake and meat tenderness in Brahman cattle here.


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