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As corn prices continue to surge and planters roll around the country, farmers could face a new challenge in working toward a bumper crop to cash in on high prices. Retailers around farm country say though current supplies on hand are mostly adequate, securing more glyphosate herbicide could be a challenge if demand increases much over current projections. Because of tightened supplies, prices of available glyphosate are surging, some say by as much as 20% compared to a year ago. Other herbicides that have already been allocated could come up short this growing season, too, one expert said this week. Those who have already prepaid for glyphosate aren’t immune to the supply crunch, and one agronomist advises farmers to take possession of their paid supplies if possible. It’s also a good idea to come up with a “Plan B” for weed control if glyphosate or other popular weed control products are unavailable later in the growing season. See more on tight glyphosate supplies.


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