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    Crop Fertilizer Market Surge Continues; Some Prices Seen Stabilizing Soon

    While global supply bottlenecks start to clear up and the domestic market catches up with shortfalls from last fall’s fertilizer rush, some […]

    April 14, 2021
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    Stay Safe When Applying Anhydrous Ammonia This Spring

    It’s one of the lowest-cost and typically most abundant fertilizer source for corn farmers, but anhydrous ammonia is a potentially dangerous chemical […]

    April 12, 2021
  3. Top Ag News
    Market Analysis Shows Crop Fertilizer Prices May Have Topped

    The widely documented spike in crop fertilizer prices in recent weeks looks to be topping, with some of the variables driving the […]

    March 31, 2021
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    2021 Crop Inputs: Buy Smart, Think Ahead

    With improved revenue prospects because of grain prices that have moved sharply higher in the last year, many farmers have more money […]

    March 26, 2021
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    Farmers Facing Fertilizer ‘Sticker Shock’

    Tight supplies, import hurdles and expectations for massive corn and soybean crops this year are just a few of the dynamics driving […]

    March 2, 2021
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    Plains Wheat Farmers Assessing Freeze Damage This Week

    It’s been almost two weeks since temperatures fell through the floor, some at record-low levels in parts of the central and southern […]

    March 1, 2021
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    Precision Ag Adoption Returns Value to Farmers — Study

    About two decades into the development of the precision ag sector of crop production, farmers and industry groups are taking stock of […]

    February 25, 2021
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    More Than Farm Demand: Why Phosphate and Potash Fertilizer Prices are Surging

    Though it’s largely because of major gains in corn, soybean and wheat prices and resulting demand from the farm gate, the increase […]

    February 19, 2021
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    Crop Fertilizer Prices Skyrocketing

    Not too long ago, crop fertilizer prices were low. But as the corn market has surged, prices for these key crop inputs […]

    February 11, 2021
  10. Top Ag News
    Farmers Optimistic Ahead of a Big Corn, Soybean Planting Season

    Farmers are expected to plant massive corn and soybean crops this spring as a response to recent market movement and record-low domestic […]

    February 9, 2021