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    Four 2023 Tax Items to Complete in 2022

    Do you realize in 34 days we’ll be celebrating Thanksgiving?! Are you thinking of next year’s taxes already? If not, you should […]

    October 21, 2022
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    Ag Groups Skeptical About American Families Plan Tax Funding Provisions

    Ag groups voiced skepticism with President Biden’s American Families Plan announced this week, as well as the tax provisions that will fund […]

    April 30, 2021
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    Answer These 3 Questions When Investing in Your Farm

    With dramatically improved grain prices, many producers are capturing improved revenues the likes they haven’t seen in several years. And that’s spawning […]

    April 28, 2021
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    Pondering Improvements to your Farm? Consider This Process

    Improving revenue prospects for farms around the country have many looking at ways to make incremental improvements to their operations. Whether it’s […]

    February 17, 2021
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    USDA Lowers 2021 Farm Income Outlook

    Net farm income and net cash farm income are expected to decrease 8.1% and 5.8%, respectively, in 2021 compared to 2020 based […]

    February 8, 2021
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    Farmer Optimism Rallies on Commodity Prices, Government Payments

    The November Purdue University-CME Group Ag Economy Barometer report shows farmer sentiment at its highest levels since before the COVID-19 pandemic began. […]

    November 4, 2020
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    USDA Cuts Paperwork Required for Whole-Farm Revenue Protection

    The USDA Risk Management Agency (RMA) announced Wednesday it’s adjusting its Whole-Farm Revenue Protection (WFRP) program to lighten policyholders’ paperwork and recordkeeping […]

    September 17, 2020