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  1. Top Ag News
    Prevented Planting Insurance Concerns Rise with Historic April Snowpack

    While April showers bring May flowers, April snowstorms bring prevented planting concerns. With two to three feet of snow forecast for parts […]

    April 4, 2023
  2. Top Ag News
    USDA Expands Hurricane Insurance Protection to Include Certain Tropical Storms

    Farmers may now be eligible for further protection against damaging tropical storms. After hearing directly from agricultural producers, the U.S. Department of […]

    February 15, 2023
  3. Top Ag News
    Fine Tuning your Farm Marketing Plan

    Al Kluis’ three-step marketing plan has been a backbone for many farmers throughout the U.S. over the last decade. However, despite being […]

    February 2, 2023
  4. Top Ag News
    Dairy Interests in Upcoming 2023 Farm Bill

    The farm bill process always comes with lengthy negotiations, with the past three bills proving exceptionally challenging for officials to agree on. […]

    January 31, 2023
  5. Top Ag News
    Milk Prices Fall in New Year

    Dairy could have a rough start to the new year. If futures markets are accurate, the strong All-Milk price and falling feed […]

    January 11, 2023
  6. Top Ag News
    USDA Announces New Programs to Help Fill Natural Disaster and Pandemic Assistance Gaps

    USDA is announcing two new programs to fill gaps in previous natural disaster and pandemic assistance. To be eligible for Emergency Relief […]

    January 10, 2023
  7. Top Ag News
    President Biden Signs Omnibus Package, Key Ag Funding Updates Included

    President Biden officially signed a bipartisan omnibus bill on Thursday, with funding allocated that will impact the ag industry in the new […]

    December 30, 2022
  8. Top Ag News
    Wisconsin DATCP Offers Incentives for Planting Cover Crops

    The Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP), in partnership with USDA’s Risk Management Agency (RMA), has announced that December […]

    November 21, 2022
  9. Top Ag News
    Cotton Growers Struggle in Severe Drought, USDA Cuts Acreage Estimate by 590k

    While cotton was a primary source of bacon for most growers’ wallets last season, the same cannot be said for 2022. U.S. […]

    July 18, 2022
  10. Top Ag News
    Northern Corn Belt Struggles to Find Planting Window

    This season’s slow start to planting has progressed to potential prevent-plant acres for the northern Corn Belt growers. Much of the Midwest […]

    May 20, 2022