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    Research Shows Second Iron Injection Adds Value to Piglet Growth, Condition

    The American Association of Swine Veterinarians (AASV) annual meeting showcased new research on the importance of iron supplementation for newborn pigs. While […]

    May 17, 2023
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    Water-Based Foam Veterinary Study Reveals Realistic Swine Depopulation Method

    Livestock culling is an integral part of disease management and farm safety. Animal culling is often needed on an emergency basis when […]

    March 29, 2023
  3. Top Ag News
    Swine Breeding Herd Increases for First Time Since 2019

    For the first time in 2.5 years, the national swine breeding herd experienced a year-over-year increase, according to the latest USDA Hogs […]

    December 29, 2022
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    Hog Numbers Stagnant Amidst Economic Uncertainties

    The U.S. hog herd remains relatively stable, according to a University of Missouri livestock economist. As 2023 inches closer, numbers aren’t expanding […]

    October 3, 2022
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    SenecaVirus Enters U.S. through Feed Ingredients

    For the first known time in U.S. history, Senecavirus A (SVA) has been detected in pig feed ingredients imported from an infected […]

    September 9, 2022
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    Proper Sow Conditioning Critical for Herd Health

    When evaluating sow health and productivity, under-conditioned sows can mean reduced farrowing rates and lower longevity. But over-conditioned sows can also mean […]

    August 25, 2022
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    Swine Farms Increase Substantially in Size, Decrease in Numbers in USDA Report

    The U.S. swine industry has changed significantly in the span of one generation. According to a recent USDA report, there are half […]

    August 24, 2022
  8. Top Ag News
    Pork Industry Contributes $57 Billion to U.S. Economy

    According to a new report from the National Pork Producers Council (NPPC), 66,000 U.S. pig farms sold more than 140 million hogs […]

    July 13, 2022
  9. Top Ag News
    China’s Hog, Pork Production to Decline Significantly in 2022

    Lower prices and disease outbreaks continue to temper China’s hog and pork production. A USDA report predicts hog production to decline by […]

    September 7, 2021