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    How are Dairy Cattle Impacted by Wildfire Smoke?

    Intense wildfires in the Western U.S. have been exacerbated by ongoing dry and hot weather conditions that have ravaged productive land. In […]

    August 10, 2022
  2. Top Ag News
    Herd Feeding Options During Drought Conditions

    For drought-plagued producers in the Western U.S., this year cowherd management involves tough decisions around reducing herd numbers. Most of cow-calf producers […]

    May 4, 2022
  3. Top Ag News
    From Wildfires to Tornadoes: Wrapping Up Another Year of Unusual Weather

    It’s no secret 2021 was a year of headline-making weather events. Between droughts and wildfires, to hurricanes and tornadoes, the National Oceanic […]

    December 27, 2021
  4. Top Ag News
    California Governor Signs Largest Climate Investment in State History

    California Governor Gavin Newsom recently announced a $15 billion package to address various climate-related impacts on the state. The legislation includes funding […]

    October 1, 2021
  5. Top Ag News
    Drought-Induced Damage Seen in North Central U.S.

    The North Central U.S. drought is impacting more than this year’s crops. Wildfires, limited surface water in streams, poor water quality, low […]

    September 3, 2021
  6. Top Ag News
    How the Effects of Wildfire Smoke Are Causing Issues to Dairy Cattle

    As wildfires becomes a more widespread in the Western U.S., increasingly becoming an annual issue, researchers are expending more resources to determine […]

    August 23, 2021
  7. Top Ag News
    $8.5 Billion Ag Disaster Aid Bill Advances in the House

    A supplemental $8.5 billion disaster aid bill meant for farmers and ranchers was passed Tuesday by the House Agriculture Committee. The bill […]

    July 28, 2021
  8. Top Ag News
    How Wildfire Smoke is Helping Provide A Layer of Protection in the Midwest

    As wildfires continue to affect the western U.S. and Canada, the NOAA has reported smoke extending as far as the East Coast. […]

    July 27, 2021
  9. Top Ag News
    House Ag to Mark Up Bill to Extend WHIP+

    On Tuesday, July 26, the House Agriculture Committee is expected to mark up a bill that would provide an extension for USDA’s […]

    July 27, 2021
  10. Top Ag News
    Wildfires in the West Continue to Grow in Numbers and Size

    Drought conditions have only stoked the 65-plus Western wildfires burning across the U.S. this week. Nearly 918,000 acres have been burned across […]

    July 16, 2021