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Tractors are the primary source of work-related injuries on farms; nationally, nearly one-third of all farm work fatalities are tractor related. In recent years, June and July have been the months when most tractor accidents have happened.
Top 10 Suggestions For Tractor Safety

In Pennsylvania, accidents that involve tractors account for a large percentage of total farm accident fatalities. However, not all of the injuries happen while the tractor is being used for work. Injuries occur for a variety of reasons and in a number of different ways.
Hazards can be grouped into four categories:

  1. overturns
  2. runovers
  3. power take-off entanglements
  4. older tractor technology

Top ten suggestions for tractor safety:

  1. Match the operator to equipment
  2. One seat = One person
  3. Have a ROPS to provide a protected zone
  4. Stay in the protective zone
  5. Keep up good maintenance
  6. Avoid common injuries from slips, trips and falls
  7. Avoid side rollovers
  8. Avoid rear overturns
  9. Keep PTO guards in place

Limit mixing tractors and vehicular roadway traffic

Further explanation of the safety suggestions on this preceding list of suggestions can be found this page on Penn State’s Farm Safety website.

In addition I strongly encourage you to browse additional information from the various links about all aspects of farm safety and emergency programs.

Source: Penn State University Extension


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