Weekly Crop Progress: Planting and Emergence Looking Good

Corn emergence neared 100% and soybean planting hit 92% during the week ended June 12, according to the USDA Crop Progress report released Monday.

Corn is 96% emerged nationwide, compared to 90% last week, 95% last year and a five-year average of 94%. Corn condition stayed steady at 75% good to excellent.

“USDA said 75% of the corn crop was rated good to excellent, resulting in a DTN Corn Condition Index of 181,” said DTN Analyst Todd Hultman. “DTN’s index was up from 176 a year ago and above the five-year average of 169. Monday’s report is bearish for corn.”

Soybeans were 92% planted, compared to 83% last week, 85% last year and an 87% average. Soybean emergence is estimated at 79%, compared to 65% last week, 72% last year and a 72% five-year average. Soybean conditions improved to 74% good to excellent, compared to 72% last week.

“These condition ratings resulted in a DTN Soybean Condition Index of 177,” Hultman said. “DTN’s index is up from 165 a year ago and is also above the five-year average of 163. Monday’s report is bearish for soybeans.”

Winter wheat is 96% headed and 11% harvested, compared to 91% and 2% last week, 95% and 9% last year and 89% and 18% on average. Winter wheat condition decreased slightly to 61% good to excellent, compared to 62% last week.

“This resulted in a one-point decrease in the DTN Winter Wheat Condition Index to 153,” Hultman said. “DTN’s index is up from 100 a year ago and well above the five-year average of 63. Monday’s report is bearish for winter wheat.”

Spring wheat condition held steady at 79% good to excellent. “The DTN Spring Wheat Condition Index stayed at 186. DTN’s index is up from 172 a year ago and also above the five-year average of 172. Monday’s report is bearish for spring wheat,” Hultman said.

Cotton is 89% planted, compared to 75% last week, 88% last year and an 83% average. Cotton squaring is at 13%, compared to 7% last week, 11% last year and a 13% average. Cotton condition improved to 53% good to excellent, compared to 47% last week. Rice is 99% emerged, compared to 94% last week, 99% last year and a 96% average. Rice condition improved slightly to 68% good to excellent from 67% last week.

Sorghum is 76% planted compared to 58% last week, 67% last year and a 75% average. Sorghum is 14% headed, compared to 9% last year and a 16% average. Sorghum condition was rated for the first time this growing season at 73% good to excellent.

Oats are 52% headed, compared to 38% last week, 47% last year and a 46% average. Oats condition decreased slightly to 70% good to excellent, compared to 71% last week.

Barley is 95% emerged, compared to 93% last week, 100% last year, and 89% on average. Barley condition held steady at 78% good to excellent.

Source: Cheri Zagurski, AgFax

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