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Per Product Management Bulletin PM-23-049, the following changes to the Whole-Farm Revenue Protection (WFRP) plan of insurance and the Micro Farm program will be applicable for the 2024 and succeeding policy years:

  • Allow all eligible producers to qualify for 80% and 85% coverage levels under WFRP.
  • Increase the subsidy for single commodity producers from the Basic Unit premium subsidy to the Enterprise Unit premium subsidy.
  • Allow the purchase of other FCIC reinsured policies at the catastrophic (CAT) coverage level.
    • Previously, the purchase of CAT policies was not allowed under WFRP.
      • The CAT policies will not be considered primary insurance under WFRP for the purposes of premium calculations.
    • Provides insureds an option to opt-out of all FCIC reinsured policies from becoming primary insurance for the purpose of premium calculations and claim settlement.
  • Revise the 180-day claim deferral for approved insurance providers (AIPs).
    • Move the date to start the 180-day deferral to the end of the insurance period.
      • Previously, the start date was the date a claim was submitted.
      • Allow for further deferral for commodities stored in a controlled atmosphere storage.
    • Allow insureds to purchase other FCIC reinsured policies at any coverage level in conjunction with Micro Farm.
      • Liability from all FCIC reinsured policies will not be considered for the purposes of premium calculation under Micro Farm.
    • Move the sales closing date for Micro Farm to 30 days after the county’s spring sales closing date.
    • Allow expanding operation adjustments under Micro Farm.
      • Only physical expansion (for example, added acres) will be allowed for adjustment purposes.
    • Add an option to Micro Farm that allows an insured to remove the lowest year of historic revenue for the purposes of calculating the expected value.
    • Allow vertically integrated entities to be eligible for Micro Farm.


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