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Grower Citrus Freeze

The Grower Citrus Freeze Insurance Policy is an annual policy which protects citrus growers against losses as a direct result of internal or external freeze damage to Navel, Mandarin and Valencia oranges, Lemons, and Grapefruit and other approved citrus crops while the fruit is on the trees.

  • Citrus Fruit means Lemons, Grapefruits, Tangerines (including Tangelos), Navel,Valencia, Sweet and Mandarin oranges only, in the raw state.
  • Freeze Damage to citrus fruit will be defined as: internal or external damage due to freezing temperatures (32 degrees and below).
  • External Freeze Damage to citrus fruit will be defined as ice mark damage to the skin or rind caused by freeze or frost.
  • Internal Freeze Damage to citrus fruit will be defined as freeze or frost damage to the skin or meat, which causes drying or desiccation in 15 percent or more of the exposed pulp as shown on a cross-sectional transverse cut (or series of cuts) across fruit.
  • Ice Mark will be defined to be any blemish on the skin or rind of the fruit as a result of the fruit being subjected to freezing temperatures which causes ruptures of oil cells in the fruit rind, resulting in oil leakage and damage to the rind surface, visible as watery,brownish specks or pits.

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