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Digital Ag for Agents

Most Common Crop Insurance Solution

The main Precision Ag systems that could be used in Crop Insurance are Planting Monitors and Yield Monitoring Devices. These could be leveraged to fulfill MPCI planting and production reporting requirements. This method is currently supported by FMIS software which works with the devices that capture electronic data from the field and compiles it to accurately report planting and production information. These systems work together to eliminate errors and increase efficiency for both the agent and the grower.

Precision Ag Opportunities

Today many growers have precision ag technology in their equipment and on their farms. This offers a unique opportunity for approved insurance providers, agents and growers to collaborate using the captured electronic data. 

Growers that use Precision Ag equipment are finding they need help handling all of the data. They need a “trusted advisor” to help them decide how to use their data to improve their operation and impact their bottom line.

Crop insurance agents have long been positioned as the most “trusted advisor” with private grower data. The next step is for growers to trust their crop insurance agent with their Precision Ag data as well. Growers already trust agents with sensitive personal information and adding Precision Ag services to that existing relationship is a natural and economical fit that will benefit the grower, as well as the agent, both now and into the future.

ProAg’s Position on Precision Ag / Digital Ag

Precision Ag can mean a lot of things to a lot of different people. As one of the nation’s leading providers of crop insurance, ProAg is committed to helping our agents and their growers translate the data captured from the grower’s machinery and populate it into the required government forms.

ProAg is actively involved in exploring and developing the capabilities necessary to accomplish this task. Solutions must be easy and painless for our agents and growers and ensure data integrity and security. ProAg is currently working on several data-driven solutions as digital ag technology continues to advance. You can find more information on what is available to you and your insureds by downloading our digital ag reporting guide below.

We appreciate your trust in ProAg and look forward to sharing new solutions with you in the near future.

Download our Digital Ag Reporting guide today.

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