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Cash Corn Market Rallies

The DTN National Corn Index is up 89 cents from its mid-May low, settling at $4.20 on Thursday, the highest level in five years....
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USDA Picks Kansas City for ERS, NIFA

Conservative estimates from a USDA Cost Benefit Analysis show a savings of nearly $300 million nominally over a 15-year lease term on employment costs and rent....
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Mexico Legislature Approves USMCA

Mexico Legislature Approves USMCA

Mexico's Senate has voted to ratify the new trade agreement with the United States and Canada, making Mexico the first of the three countries to gain legislative approval.
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Nations Scramble to Contain Pig Disease Outbreaks

Asian nations are scrambling to contain the spread of highly contagious African swine fever, with Vietnam culling 2.5 million pigs and China reporting more than a million dead....
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The US Trade War Reaches India

In the last couple of weeks, we have seen several more maneuvers in President Trump’s ongoing trade war, including the addition of a new front—India....
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Asian Nations Scramble to Contain Pig Disease Outbreaks https://t.co/qwqkQ3EhU8
The US Trade War Reaches India https://t.co/0wi9WfcPP5
USDA RMA MGR-19-014 | 2020 Crop Year County Fall Crops Program Expansion https://t.co/o8tE3xAJR5 New counties for A… https://t.co/hHi5LNPpTh
Crop Insurance Quotes | “Over the years #cropinsurance has leveled out the playing field so we don’t have big incom… https://t.co/soORj6hjCE
Sign up for myProAg™ at https://t.co/sCjZbMSmEV ! Fast & secure online premium bill pay and direct deposit of indem… https://t.co/vmfoFp9mMy
Prevent Plant for Corn and Soybeans, 2007-2018 https://t.co/VTrtPYq37P This article from the Department of Agricult… https://t.co/XX0LNeuJE8
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Well worth a listen to help you understand the USDA Weekly Crop Progress Report. The planting percentages in the Crop Progress Report (such as the numbers posted Monday below) represent the portion of the crop that's planted relative to the intentions as of that week, not what farmers had intended to plant at the beginning of #noplant19 http://ow.ly/U0J250uI8FI
This article, from the Department of Agricultural and Consumer Economics, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, provides historical perspective on corn and soybean prevent plant acres. These acres are expected to be large, if not record large, in 2019; in part because corn and soybeans are large acreage crops in areas expected to have sizeable prevent plant acres. Prevent plant acres for corn and soybeans are compared to other crops. Average and highest shares are computed by state. Given widespread late planting of both crops in 2019, the highest share by state is applied to the March 30, 2019 Prospective Planting acres. #noplant19 #cropinsurance #preventedplant #LetUsProtectYou Zulauf, C., G. Schnitkey, K. Swanson, J. Coppess and R. Batts. "Prevent Plant for Corn and Soybeans, 2007-2018." farmdoc daily (9):112, Department of Agricultural and Consumer Economics, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, June 18, 2019.
National Pollinator Week (June 13-23) is a time to celebrate pollinators and spread the word about what you can do to protect them. Birds, bats, bees, butterflies, beetles, and other small mammals that pollinate plants are responsible for bringing us one out of every three bites of food. They also sustain our ecosystems and produce our natural resources by helping plants reproduce. Crop insurance can provide a safety net to protect the income of beekeepers who raise and care for honey bees for the purpose of, but not limited to, the collection of pollen, honey, and wax production, and breeding stock. Contact your trusted ProAg crop insurance agent for assistance in comparing the risk management options available to you and your unique apiculture operation. Come experience the ProAg difference today. #apiculture #cropinsurance #LetUsProtectYou
Happy Father’s Day to all those special Dad's out there. "I inherited that calm from my father, who was a farmer. You sow, you wait for good or bad weather, you harvest, but working is something you always need to do." Miguel Indurain #HappyFathersDay
It looks like a combine on a 4-wheeler?! New plot combine at South Dakota State University.
Contact your trusted ProAg agent today for information on the Livestock Gross Margin Plan for Dairy Cattle. What is Livestock Gross Margin for Dairy (LGM-Dairy)? LGM-Dairy provides protection when feed costs rise or milk prices drop and can be tailored to any size farm. Gross margin is the market value of milk minus feed costs. LGM-Dairy uses futures prices for corn, soybean meal, and milk to determine the expected gross margin and the actual gross margin. LGM-Dairy is similar to buying both a call option to limit higher feed costs and a put option to set a floor on milk prices. https://www.proag.com/livestock-gross-margin-dairy/ #LetUsProtectYou #dairy #cropinsurance
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