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Sugar Policy Targeted in Farm Bill Talks

Representative Virginia Foxx, a North Carolina Republican, said Monday she has the votes to pass an amendment that would eliminate production limits that keep sugar prices higher for growers....
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Update on NAFTA Discussions

The U.S., Canada and Mexico have already missed the deadline for an agreement on the North American Free Trade Agreement. ...
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I bet you $20... 😂
A fun "cheat sheet" as to what all the labels on chicken actually mean. #FridayFunAgFact
A sweeping $867 billion farm bill failed to pass the U.S. House of Representatives on Friday. The next steps are unclear for the bill, which failed in a 198-to-213 vote.
The #FarmBill vote has failed on the House floor this morning. The vote was 198-213.
Action Alert: The debate on the Farm Bill on the House Floor was very interesting yesterday but ended well for farmers and crop insurance. The House has begun final debate of the remaining amendments leading to final passage of H.R. 2 today. Please contact your representative and urge them to support final passage of H.R. 2 today and thank them for their support yesterday. A review of the amendment votes and remaining amendments before debate and final passage can be found here: https://repcloakroom.house.gov/news/documentsingle.aspx?DocumentID=396680
Resounding support for farmers and #cropinsurance tonight on the House floor. The McClintock (CA-R) Amendment No. 3, phasing out most agricultural programs, was rejected by 34 Yeas and 380 Nays. Thank you House Agriculture Chairman Conaway for your continued support and leadership as H.R. 2, the #FarmBill moves through the House.
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