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Individual crop insurance plans are based upon the insured’s production and for some coverage, there is protection against a loss of revenue caused by a price increase or decrease.

The most common crop insurance individual plans are Revenue Protection (RP) and Actual Production History (APH).

Actual Production History (APH)
The Actual Production History plan of insurance guarantees the producer a yield based on their production history, which is why it is called the APH plan.
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Revenue Protection (RP)
The Revenue Protection Plan provides protection against a loss of revenue caused by price increase or decrease, loss of production, or a combination of both.
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Revenue Protection with Harvest Price Exclusion (RP-HPE)
When Revenue Protection with Harvest Price Exclusion Plan is selected, the minimum crop insurance revenue guarantee will not be recalculated when harvest prices are released.
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Dollar Plans of Insurance
Dollar Plans of Insurance are usually insured in dollar per acre or some other measurement applicable to the specific crop.
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Actual Revenue History (ARH)
The Actual Revenue History is based upon the insured’s revenue history for the crop insured.
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Yield Protection (YP)
Yield Protection insurance plan insures producers in the same manner as APH policies, except a projected price is used to determine insurance coverage.
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Nursery Crop
Nursery crop insurance is available in all states to operating nurseries that meet certain criteria, by practice (field-grown or container).
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APH Hemp
A pilot hemp insurance program available in select counties through Multi-Peril Crop Insurance (MPCI) provides coverage against loss of yield because of insurable causes of loss for hemp grown for fiber, grain, or cannabidiol (CBD) oil.
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