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ProAg crop insurance knows that every region in America has many conditions and financial considerations. Many policyholders and farmers are looking to enhance or cover gaps in your multi-peril crop insurance protection in this high-risk environment. That is why ProAg has developed a specialized portfolio of private products and named peril coverages to suit the diverse needs of the American grower. We listen to our farmers and agents to provide competitive risk management choices.

Private product insurance or named peril policies help fill a gap in federal crop insurance coverage while named peril policies insure a single peril like rain or freeze to help protect a farmer’s additional exposure. Discover more about the private product policies offered by ProAg today.

Added Individual Modifier (AIM)
Added Individual Modifer or AIM is a supplemental product to ECO. The AIM policy extends the ECO coverage at harvest time to include the grower’s harvested production.
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Supplemental Replant Coverage SRC from ProAg
Supplemental Replant Coverage (SRC)
Supplemental Replant Coverage (SRC) is additional coverage for replanting crops in addition to the Federal crop insurance policy.
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Increased Coverage Election (ICE)
ICE provides the opportunity to supplement yield protection by increasing the price election on an applicable underlying MPCI policy or provide additional MPCI coverage against yield/ revenue loss with selected coverage.
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Crop Fire Named Peril Crop Insurance from ProAg
Crop Fire
Crop Fire is a stand-alone named peril product that covers fire, lightning and transit.
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Almond Extra Harvest Expense
Almond Extra Expense provides reimbursement for cleanup/removal of downed almonds after the almond trees have been damaged by hail.
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Grape Cluster Freeze
Grape Cluster Freeze covers losses incurred by the grower for unavoidable death of grape clusters caused by direct damage from freeze or frost.
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Grower Citrus Freeze
Grower Citrus Freeze is an annual policy which protects citrus growers against losses as a direct result of internal or external freeze damage while the fruit is on the trees.
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Packer Citrus Freeze
This policy can cover the shortfall of a specific number of cartons as selected by the packer directly caused by freeze which prevents the citrus from meeting standards.
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Rain on Tomatoes
The Tomato Named Peril Insurance policy insures canning and processing tomatoes against physical damage to the tomato fruit caused by rain-induced mold or rot in excess of state and/or processor grade tolerances.
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Raisin Reconditioning
The Raisin Reconditioning policy reimburses growers for the extra expense of washing and drying reconditioning directly due to rainfall while on trays in the insured vineyard during the insurance period.
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Harvested Tobacco
The Harvested Tobacco insurance policy is a stand-alone version of the harvested coverage of the unharvested/harvested endorsement available on the Federal crop insurance policy.
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ProAg Weather Products from your Trusted Crop Insurance Partner ProAg
Weather Products
ProAg offers a full-line of weather products available to alert, identify potential damage and risk transfer tools.
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Pasture Fire Protection (PFP)
The Pasture Fire Protection (PFP) policy insures perennial pasture, rangeland or forage ground against fire caused by the direct result of lightning strikes, machinery equipment or weather related downed power lines.
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Almond Increased Coverage Election
The Almond Increased Coverage Election (ICE) policy allows insureds to supplement the APH MPCI policy by increasing the price election.
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