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    10 Gift Ideas for the Livestock Producer in Your Life

    Holiday shopping for the livestock producer in your life isn’t always easy. What can you get the person who works tirelessly doing […]

    December 6, 2023
  2. Top Ag News
    Hay Price Trends for 2024

    As of May 1 this year, hay stocks were at near-record lows. USDA data in October predicted 2023 alfalfa hay production would […]

    December 6, 2023
  3. Top Ag News
    USDA Continues to Build Upon its Expansion of Enterprise Unit Possibilities to Offer Greater Crop Insurance Options

    The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is further expanding the opportunities for producers to consider Enterprise Units as risk management options. The […]

    December 6, 2023
  4. Top Ag News
    Nitrogen Supplies, Prices in Good Shape Heading into 2024

    Nitrogen fertilizer supplies appear favorable going into 2024. Prices have moved lower this year and supplies have become more accessible to the […]

    December 5, 2023
  5. Top Ag News
    Cattle Prices Expected to Trend Higher as Numbers Decline

    Source: NNEHRING/GETTY IMAGES Two months ahead of USDA’s annual state cattle inventory question, projections slate the January 2024 cowherd between 1.5% and […]

    December 5, 2023
  6. Top Ag News
    Illinois Cover Crop Program Now Accepting Applications

    The Illinois Department of Agriculture is offering early enrollment for the Fall Covers for Spring Savings cover crop incentive program. The program […]

    December 5, 2023
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    Prioritize Sleep to Avoid Farm Injuries

    With the conclusion of harvest comes a new chapter for every farmer each year. Farm safety also includes mental and physical health. […]

    December 4, 2023
  8. Top Ag News
    USDA Projects Food Inflation to Slow in 2024

    Food inflation is projected to slow in 2024 to 3%, or half of the inflation rate of 2023. USDA says grocery prices […]

    December 4, 2023
  9. Top Ag News
    5 Factors Impacting the Farm Economy in 2024

    Bookkeeping and tax season may not be a farmer’s favorite time of year, but no one will deny the critical nature of […]

    December 4, 2023
  10. Top Ag News
    U.S. Commodity Exports Higher on the Grains, Lower on Meat in November

    U.S. corn exports hit a marketing year high in the second-to-last week of November. The bulk of those exports likely went to […]

    December 1, 2023