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After delays, the Kansas Winter Wheat Harvest Gets Underway

Early June rains delayed the start of the Kansas wheat harvest. The USDA National Agricultural Statistics office shared that 12% of the Kansas winter wheat crop is in very poor condition, 21% is in poor condition, 35% is in fair condition, 29% is in good condition and only 3% is in excellent condition.
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OSHA Submits Heat Protection Draft

According to the Labor Department, agricultural workers are 35 times more likely to die from heat-related exposure. Public health experts and advocates for workers have requested that OSHA issue a federal safety standard more quickly.
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Iowa Farm Cash Rents Break Five-Year Trend

Cash rent for Iowa farm ground broke the five-year trend of increasing rates. The price remains similar to 2023, according to the latest land rent survey from Iowa State University Extension and Outreach.
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Where Does the Farm Bill Currently Stand?

The cards for the farm bill are now on the table and it is time for negotiations to begin. Ranking Republican Senate Ag Committee member John Boozman explained that it was time to hammer out a farm bill with Democrats or just agree to disagree.
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USDA Reports Share How Bird Flu Was Spread

USDA scientists share that bird flu in dairy cattle was spread from its origin in Texas to 12 states and 96 dairy herds by infected cows, contaminated machinery and people who unknowingly carried the virus from farm to farm on their clothes and footwear.
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