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Added Individual Modifier (AIM)

Target YOUR Individual Farm With ECO + AIM

ProAg’s exclusive Added Individual Modifier (AIM) policy supplements the coverage provided by the Enhanced Coverage Option (ECO) and underlying MPCI policies. The AIM policy extends the ECO coverage at harvest time to include the grower’s harvested production.

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Benefits of AIM

Supplements the coverage provided by ECO and underlying MPCI policies

Annual policy – application must be submitted each year

The same deadlines established for ECO and MPCI policies also apply to AIM

AIM policies use YOUR individual harvested production

How AIM Works

The AIM policy coverage matches the underlying ECO (yield or revenue) for the coverage band level and liability associated with the chosen band. At harvest time, the ECO policy uses county average yields released by RMA to determine any possible indemnities. The AIM policy uses the grower’s individual harvested production for corn and soybeans to determine any possible indemnities.

The AIM indemnity (if any) then subtracts the ECO indemnity (if any) for a final AIM indemnity. It is possible to receive an ECO indemnity and no AIM indemnity or vice versa. It is also possible to get a partial ECO indemnity and a partial AIM indemnity, depending upon RMA’s determined area yield and individual-based harvested production.

Eligible Crops/States

Crops covered under this policy are corn and soybeans within the states where ProAg has established an AIM coverage rate. Please contact your trusted ProAg agent or district sales manager for eligibility in your specific area.

Policy Terms and Conditions

  • The AIM policy is an annual policy. An application and request for coverage must be submitted each year.
  • The AIM coverage level will be the same as the underlying ECO policy coverage.
  • The combined value of the supplement coverage provided by the AIM policy and the coverage provided by the applicable ECO and MPCI policy may not exceed the value of the Actual
  • Production History (APH) multiplied by the MPCI price election.
  • Unless otherwise stated in the AIM policy, the terms and conditions established by the ECO and MPCI policy, including deadlines (for example, sales closing, cancellation and acreage reporting) apply to the AIM policy.
  • The annual premium for the AIM policy is due by October 1st. There is a $50.00 minimum premium.

Limitation on Liability

The liability of the underlying ECO policy will be used to calculate the liability of the AIM policy. The liability may not be combined with the underlying ECO policy.

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