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Widespread Floods Hit Quickly

Widespread Floods Hit Quickly

The "bomb cyclone" that hit Wednesday and Thursday flooded dozens of towns and cities across a wide swath of Nebraska and South Dakota into Iowa.
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Celebrating Our Farmers Today and Everyday

America’s farmers and ranchers are an integral part of our everyday lives, working to feed and clothe the nation. In fact, each American farmer feeds more than 165 people....
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El Nino Odds Favorable Through the Summer

Moving forward, the continued presence of El Niño could dish out bullish results for U.S. grain production, according to Farm Futures senior grain market analyst Bryce Knorr....
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For our farmers and ranchers who are affected by this season of flooding, our staff is prepared to support you with the utmost speed, knowledge and care. At the beginning of this week half of our adjusters gathered at our annual adjuster school to brush up on the essentials and learn about new tools. Stay tuned to see the other half in action later this week. #letusprotectyou #cropinsurance #agproud
The combination of frozen ground, ice-clogged rivers and streams, a sudden thaw and heavy rain combined with a snow-eating wind contributed to the magnitude of the flooding from parts of the central Plains to the Upper Midwest thus far. Flooding will continue in waves and varying degrees of severity over the central United States, including a large part of the Mississippi River watershed, through the spring. #LetUsProtectYou #AgProud
Our thoughts and prayers are with the hardworking farmers and ranchers, along with those in the towns that they support, during this extraordinary flooding event. With the uncertainty that this spring brings, our staff is preparing to support our insureds and agents with the utmost speed, knowledge and care. #agproud #LetUsProtectYou
For all of our insureds, the farmers/ranchers and everyone around the country affected by this week's storms, you are in our thoughts and prayers. Once the storm has settled and everyone (including livestock) is safe, we will be prepared to assist you with the repercussions of this storm through our knowledgeable claims staff positioned strategically around the country. This wind snapshot from National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) shows the true power of this "bomb-cyclone". The attached Twitter post is one of the best explanations of this storm that we have seen. With the southerly winds coming up from the Pacific/Gulf with warm, moist air and the Arctic cold coming down from the North, this had all the signatures of a perfect storm. It illustrates why one side of a state is digging out from snow while the other side is flooding. Thank you to all of those involved in agriculture that have chipped in to help their neighbors, friends and strangers. Stay safe and continue to take care of each other. #AgProud #LetUsProtectYou #ThankaRancher #ThankaFarmer
Many Americans may never step foot on a farm. But America’s farmers and ranchers are an integral part of our everyday lives, working to feed and clothe the nation. In fact, each American farmer feeds more than 165 people. Today is National Agriculture Day, a day to celebrate the American farmer and recognize the incredible contributions that our food and fiber producers make every single day. #ThankaFarmer #ThankaRancher #LetUsProtectYou
As a reminder, 2018 Whole-Farm Final Farm Operation Reports are due by 03/15/19 on Whole-Farm Revenue Protection policies. The Final Farm Operation Report must be completed by the earlier of: (1) The time an indemnity is claimed (except replant indemnities) or (2) by the sales close date of the subsequent year. If the report is not completed by the required date, the coverage level of insurance for the subsequent year will be limited to a 65% coverage level. For fiscal filers whose fiscal year ends after the sales closing date of the subsequent insurance year, the Final Farm Operation Report is due the earlier of the date a claim is submitted or 60 days after the current insurance year ends. Please contact your trusted ProAg agent today for more information on Whole-Farm Revenue Protection policies and procedures. USDA RMA 19-0076 WFRP Policy Provisions: https://www.rma.usda.gov/-/media/RMAweb/Policies/19-0076-Whole-Farm-Revenue-Protection-Pilot-Policy.ashx
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