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FEEDD Act Seeks Feed Emergency Flexibility

A proposal to give livestock farmers flexibility in dealing with weather-related feed emergencies has been introduced in the House of Representatives....
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Cotton Replant Provisions Dictate Producer Options

As producers work to plan their next steps, it is important to note in this regard that RMA rule changes implemented in 2018 will impact the direction some of these decisions take....
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Tariffs Disrupt Tomato Supply Chain, Drive Up Prices

The new 17.5 percent tomato tariff imposed after a breakdown of a 22-year-old agreement designed to keep the peace between growers on both sides of the U.S.-Mexico border took effect a month ago....
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USDA Picks Kansas City for ERS, NIFA

Conservative estimates from a USDA Cost Benefit Analysis show a savings of nearly $300 million nominally over a 15-year lease term on employment costs and rent....
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Cash Corn Market Rallies

The DTN National Corn Index is up 89 cents from its mid-May low, settling at $4.20 on Thursday, the highest level in five years....
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It looks like a combine on a 4-wheeler?! New plot combine at South Dakota State University.
Contact your trusted ProAg agent today for information on the Livestock Gross Margin Plan for Dairy Cattle. What is Livestock Gross Margin for Dairy (LGM-Dairy)? LGM-Dairy provides protection when feed costs rise or milk prices drop and can be tailored to any size farm. Gross margin is the market value of milk minus feed costs. LGM-Dairy uses futures prices for corn, soybean meal, and milk to determine the expected gross margin and the actual gross margin. LGM-Dairy is similar to buying both a call option to limit higher feed costs and a put option to set a floor on milk prices. https://www.proag.com/livestock-gross-margin-dairy/ #LetUsProtectYou #dairy #cropinsurance
Incremental pieces of information are coming out on the MFP 2.0 from USDA Undersecretary McKinney. One detail of information McKinney released is that the new payments to farmers could be based on multiple years of production levels. “We have changed how that’s calculated. It’s not just a one-year look back, it’s looking back over several years,” he said. For more information, read the full article here. https://www.proag.com/news/some-details-of-trade-aid-2-0-revealed-first-payments-in-august/ #LetUsProtectYou #cropinsurance
The FEEDD Act would create an emergency waiver authority for the secretary of agriculture to allow for haying, grazing or chopping of a cover crop before Nov. 1 in the event of a feed shortage due to excessive moisture, flood or drought without producers taking a further discount on their crop insurance. Additionally, this legislation will provide emergency forage for personal use or donation for family farmers and ranchers when devastating weather hits, and enhance the overall farm safety net for diversified crop and livestock producers. This bill has been introduced in the House of Representatives. https://www.proag.com/news/feedd-act-seeks-feed-emergency-flexibility/ #cropinsurance #LetUsProtectYou #preventedplant
In the coming weeks, USDA will provide information on the Market Facilitation Program payment rates and details of the various components of the disaster relief legislation. USDA is not legally authorized to make Market Facilitation Program payments to producers for acreage that is not planted. However, USDA is exploring legal flexibility to provide a minimal per acre market facilitation payment to folks who filed prevent plant and chose to plant an MFP-eligible cover crop. Secretary Perdue states, "I urge farmers to plant for the market and plant what works best on their farm, regardless of what type of assistance programs USDA is able to provide." Contact your trusted ProAg agent today to help decide what’s right for your operation! #preventedplant #plant19 #cropinsurance
Farmers all across Pennsylvania say crop insurance – whether Whole-Farm Revenue Protection (WFRP) or policies that cover Pasture, Rangeland and Forage (PRF) – plays a critical role in keeping family operations going. "Crop insurance is one of those things that when you need it, you need it real bad." - Scott Bowser, Pennsylvania Dairy Farmer #cropinsurance #LetUsProtectYou
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