As insureds start reporting their production for the 2022 crop year, it is important both the insured and agent take into careful consideration the accuracy of the information being certified on the production reporting form, including the record type, which is a mandatory requirement, for insureds with an active Common Crop Insurance Policy (CCIP) MPCI policy with actual production. The record type must be reported on the production reporting form and entered into the APH database within the ProAgWorks® system.

Record types applicable to CCIP policies are:

  • A – Harvested Production: sold / commercial storage
  • B – Harvested Production: farm stored / measured by insured
  • C – Harvested Production: pick / daily sales records
  • D – Harvested Production: automated yield monitoring system
  • E – Harvested Production: farm stored / measured by an authorized representative
  • F – Harvested Production: livestock feeding records
  • G – Harvested Production: field harvest records
  • H – Harvested Production: other

For Area Risk Protection Insurance (ARPI) / Stacked Income Protection (STAX) stand-alone policies, only, the unharvested production is required to have a record type submitted.
The record types which are applicable to ARPI/STAX are:

  • I – Unharvested and destroyed (ARPI/STAX only)
  • J – Unharvested and put to another use (ARPI/STAX only)
  • K – Unharvested and production appraised by AIP (ARPI only)
  • L – Unreported production (ARPI/STAX only)