Two of our largest termination dates, 2/28 and 3/15, are quickly approaching, and we would like to take this opportunity to provide you with a list of helpful reminders:

  • Approximately three weeks prior to the termination date, crop accounting staff will begin contacting agents and provide them with a list of their unpaid accounts. Crop accounting will continue to provide frequent updates through the termination date to keep everyone informed.
  • The grower is required to pay the full amount that is due, including interest that has accrued on the policy and that has been applied for the current month.


For the 2/28/2022 termination date, the interest that was added for the month of February must be included in the payment. For the 3/15/2022 termination date, the March interest must be included. For questions regarding the amount the insured owes, please contact crop accounting.

  • Payments are first applied to the interest, then to the administrative fee, with the remaining balance going towards the premium.
  • The payment is required to be postmarked (for mailed payments) or submitted (for online payments) on or before the applicable termination date to avoid the insured’s ineligibility being reported to RMA for the Ineligible Tracking System (ITS).
  • A convenient and secure option to make premium payments is the online payment functionality via The functionality is available for policyholders to pay their MPCI and Private Product premium. In addition, the grower can enroll in direct deposit for claim and refund checks at the same time.
    • If you have questions regarding the online payment process, please email or
    • To be considered timely, the online payment must be submitted by 11:59 PM EST on the termination date. The submitted date determines a timely payment.
  • Growers are encouraged not to wait until the last day to mail their payments as many rural post offices are experiencing reduced services and hours. However, if a grower does wait until the last few days before term, he/she is encouraged to take their payment to the post office and have a postal worker hand stamp the postmark and ask for a receipt. The receipt should be retained until ProAg receives the payment and there are no questions about the postmark.
  • If a payment is dropped off at an agency office, the agent needs to scan and email a copy of the check to the following email address:
  • When a payment is mailed to the agency office, it is important that the original envelope be included with the check when mailing it to the company. The agency needs to scan a copy of all payments and supporting documentation and email them to