As insureds begin to report their production for the upcoming crop year, remember it is important that the insured and the agent take into careful consideration the accuracy of the information being certified on the Production Reporting form, including the Record Type, which became a mandatory requirement beginning in 2019. The Record Type must be reported on the Production Reporting form and keyed within the APH database in the ProAgWorks system.

Record Types applicable to CCIP policies are:

  • A – Harvested Production: Production Sold / Commercial Storage
  • B – Harvested Production: Farm Stored Measured by Insured
  • C – Harvested Production: Pick / Daily Sales Records
  • D – Harvested Production: Automated Yield Monitoring System
  • E – Harvested Production: Farm-Stored Measured by Authorized Representative of the AIP
  • F – Harvested Production: Livestock Feeding Records
  • G – Harvested Production: Field Harvest Records
  • H – Harvested Production: other
  • L – If insured does not report production, indicate unreported
  • M – Claim for Indemnity
  • N – Appraisal (non-loss)
  • – UUF/Third Party Damage
  • Q – Zero production when there is no claim, appraisal, UUF/3rd party or production record
  • R – Pre-harvest appraisal allocated production
  • S – Appraisal (uninsured cause of loss not UUF or third party
  • T– No production due to unable to finish harvest (due to insurable cause), delayed claim or records unavailable from processor/other by PRD
  • Z – Zero-planted acreage report

Record Types applicable to ARPI policies: Only the unharvested production is required to have a Record Type submitted.

  • I – Unharvested and destroyed (ARPI/STAX only)
  • J – Unharvested and put to another use (ARPI/STAX only)
  • K – Unharvested appraised or unharvested with harvest complete (ARPI only)
  • L – Unreported Production (ARPI/STAX only)
  • P – Unharvested with harvest incomplete