As we near July 15, one of our largest acreage reporting dates, please keep in mind that on or before the applicable final acreage reporting date, an insured may revise his/her acreage report for planted acres without the requirement of a crop inspection or ProAg’s approval.

After the applicable final ARD, acreage reports cannot be revised except for the following:

As specifically allowed by the policy, including:

  • Short-rated acreage, if requested by the insured, and the requirements in the Crop Provisions are met. The acreage report must be revised to designate short-rated acres separately.
  • Measurement services are requested by the insured on or before the ARD, and the measurement services result in a different acreage determination. The acreage report can be revised to reflect the determined acres.

When ProAg provides consent and can determine:

  • A cause of loss has not occurred, and an appraisal indicates the crop will produce at least 90% of the yield used to determine the guarantee or amount of insurance for the unit (including reported and unreported acreage), except when there are unreported units.
  • Information on the acreage report is clearly transposed.
  • Adequate evidence is provided that ProAg or someone from USDA has committed an error regarding the information on the acreage report.

In addition, please remember that all acreage report revisions require:

  • Revisions to be made on a Revised Acreage Report form. If an Acreage Report is used rather than a Revised Acreage Report for the revision request, documentation is required to be made in the Remarks section of the Acreage Report form, providing a detailed explanation of the revision request
  • Printed names and signatures of the insured and agent
  • Timely dates