DATE: January 30, 2024
TO: All Approved Insurance Providers, All Risk Management Agency Field Offices, All Other Interested Parties
FROM: Marcia Bunger Administrator /s/ Marcia Bunger    1/30/2024
SUBJECT: Whole-Farm Revenue Protection (WFRP) and Micro Farm Agents


The Risk Management Agency (RMA) periodically receives inquiries from producers who are interested in WFRP and Micro Farm but are unable to find an agent willing to sell and service these policies. In 2022 and 2023, RMA conducted extensive outreach to directly educate producers, agents, and Approved Insurance Providers (AIPs) about WFRP and Micro Farm. Over 2,000 people attended these events with feedback resulting in meaningful policy updates and an increase in Micro Farm sales.

Pursuant to Section II (a)(3) of the Standard Reinsurance Agreement, WFRP and Micro Farm must be offered and marketed in all states, and AIPs must accept and approve applications from all eligible producers. AIPs may face penalties and liability if they or their agents knowingly deny service to an eligible producer.

To ensure producers can find agents willing to sell and service WFRP and Micro Farm, starting for the 2024 crop year, RMA will allow agents to voluntarily identify as a “WFRP and Micro Farm” agent. For the 2024 reinsurance year, agents who wish to identify as a “WFRP and Micro Farm” agent may fill out this web form, or use the QR link provided, by close of business February 12, 2024, to be included on the first publication of the list. RMA will post a listing to highlight “WFRP and Micro Farm” agents on the RMA website by February 16, 2024. The list will be updated periodically through April 15, 2024. Any submission received after April 15, 2024, will not be included on the list.QR Code for WFRP and Micro Farm

The option to identify as a WFRP and Micro Farm agent does not change the requirement for AIPs and agents to accept and approve ALL eligible applications. It simply allows producers that are considering applying for coverage to more easily identify agents who are specifically interested in WFRP and Micro Farm sales and can assist.

For the 2025 reinsurance year, RMA will incorporate this information into the Agent Locator and Appendix III. RMA will release more details on this to AIPs later this spring.

AIPs are required to share this bulletin with their agents by close of business February 1, 2024.

For questions, please email

December 31, 2024

Full USDA RMA Manager’s Bulletin can be found here.