For the 2022 and succeeding crop year, the following changes will be effective to the apiculture (API) / beekeeping and pasture, rangeland, forage (PRF) crop insurance programs:

  • The API colony reporting date, PRF acreage reporting date, termination date, and cancellation date were revised from November 15 to December 1.
  • The Farm Service Agency’s (FSA) form FSA 578 is now allowed to be used in conjunction with other documentation in determining shares.
  • The definition of “veteran farmer or rancher” has been revised to allow a legal entity, comprised only of the veteran and their spouse, to qualify as a veteran farmer or rancher when a qualifying veteran has a non-veteran spouse.
  • Producers are now allowed to report acreage as certified organic, or as acreage in transition to certified organic, when they have requested an organic certification by the acreage reporting date.
  • Clarification was provided regarding it is the responsibility of the producer to start dispute resolution through arbitration when the producer disagrees with an approved insurance provider determination.

Please click on the following hyperlink to read the Product Management Bulletin in full:  PM-21-051.