The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) hosted a conversation to honor the women who work in the crop insurance industry last week, during Women in History Month.

Kendall Jones, chair of the National Crop Insurance Services (NCIS) and President and CEO of ProAg, and crop insurance agents and Iris Sáenz and Pat Swanson, crop insurance agents and industry leaders, participated in the discussion moderated by the Acting Administrator of the USDA’s Risk Management Agency, Richard Flournoy.

Each presenter discussed their inspiration to begin careers in agriculture and the important contributions made by women in the crop insurance industry, including their role models.

“This industry is led by so many female agents in the field, so many female adjusters, people who do so much hard work,” Kendall Jones said. “I’m impressed with so many of the agents that I know today – not only are they running their agencies, they’re helping run farms or running the farms themselves, they have other businesses, they support the industry, their communities… They’re an inspiration to us all.”

Jones took the opportunity during the discussion to advise women who are just beginning their careers to be curious and take risks. “Mistakes are inevitable, but with mistakes will also come successes that will build your confidence,” she said.

We applaud the women of crop insurance for sharing their inspiring stories and grateful that they are serving as role models for future generations of women in agriculture. See more from the discussion and hear from the other panelists here.

Source: National Crop Insurance Services