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Private Products and Crop Hail

Stand up to Mother Nature

Perils like hail, rain or freeze directly impact the value of your crops. From Supplemental Replant Coverage to Crop Hail, ProAg’s portfolio of innovative private products protect your exposure and is tailored to fit the unique needs of your operation.

Innovative Private Products
ProAg offers a variety of private product coverage solutions. These policies help fill a gap in federal crop coverage and typically insure a single peril or add additional coverage on top of the MPCI policy to help protect your operation’s exposure.

Trust ProAg to provide innovative private products with the coverage you need, including endorsement options specific to your area. See what’s available in your state.

Crop Hail
The devastation left in the wake of a hailstorm can be partial or total. Regardless of the amount of damage, it’s always expensive and all of the good farming practices in the world won’t prevent it. Crop Hail coverage gives you acre-by-acre protection up to the actual cash value of your crop, thereby protecting your investment and your future. Benefits include:

  • Protect your revenue
  • Help shelter pre-harvest crop sales
  • Safeguard crops up to the full cash value
  • Acre-by-acre coverage protects from isolated damage
  • May be used as loan collateral
  • Can be bundled with MPCI and ProAg private product coverages

Contact a trusted ProAg agent for more information about our private products and crop hail insurance.

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5 Things to Know About Crop Hail Insurance Protection in 60 Seconds
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